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Mia Mandela - the questionnaire EN

Dodano 11 kwietnia 2016 02:04, przez Katarzyna Frąckowiak
Mia Mandela - the questionnaire EN

Agata Rek is an architect but currently she owns One ImageNation, she specializes in portrait photography and fashion illustration. Mia Mandela (her pseudonym) travels and creates around the world. Currently she is residing in the state of Florida, when in 2014, the city of Miami invited her to participate in a collective exhibition for the best artists of the year.

That’s not the only exhibition she has participated in. She has a very successful track record at the places she has been, with awards and individual art exhibitions in Poland, Germany and the United States. having fans far and wide, her work has also been appreciated by  the  likes  of Barbara Hulanicki, Anja Rubik, Tavi Gevinson, Tasya van Ree and Ian Schrager (the founder and creator of Studio 54 on Manhattan), among others. 

She has worked with many designers, brands, magazines and publishers, including Macy’s, Ted Baker London, Wedding Magazine, Beyond Luxury London and Vaute Couture New York to name a few. she has also illustrated for the fashion and style book “Radzka Radzi” (from one of the most famous Polish bloggers) and she has collaborated with fashion icon  Barbara Hulanicki, with whom she developed a friendship with.

Mia Mandela is an amazing and magical person. When asked about her work she  stated  that,   her   will   is   to   create   intriguing   and   unforgettable images. Someone once told her, that there is a certain archetype of male and female in her work where you can see the nostalgia, strength and mystery.


- Name:
Agata Rek (aka Mia Mandela).

- Month of birth:

- What art is to me:
The blood that pulse in my veins, thanks to which I am alive.

- I get my art mojo when:
I see new places, meet new people and when I am surrounded, by old and unique objects.

- My art color:
Blue, red and white.

- My creativity is inspired by:
Everything but most of all strong and amazing women, also faces with character.

- My art style is:
My own.

- I wish to work with:
Magazines, fashion houses and creative people. I dream to work with: Tasya Van Ree, Barbara Hulanicki, Anja Rubik and Balmain.

- With my art I want to say:
It depends if I am working for a client or myself and what kind of project it is…sometimes I just illustrate what has me visually intrigued.

- The internet is to me:
Time consuming, but also a great source of information.

- My main art personality is:
Curiosity and never-ending observation.

- 5 songs from my playlist:
It always changing depending on my mood and place, but when I create I like to go back to: Soyka, Walk The Moon, Dzem, The Kills and the Black Keys. It’s hard to choose one particular song.

- I can’t imagine my life without:
Passion, loved ones and sight.

- The sea or the forest?:
Not to compare.

- The time period I feel I belong to:
The turn of the XIX and XX century. The art of that period is the closest to my heart.

- The movies I like:

,,Das Wilde Leben" ( for Rock’n Roll and wild heart),
,,The True Cost" (documentary who will blow your mind),
,,Frida" (adore her),
,,Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" (because it's crazy and “mine”).

- Fashion is (or not) important to me because:
It’s a way to express myself, accessorizing with the objects that have an aesthetic and sentimental value to me. Yes, fashion is important to me.

- My passions:
Photography, art, arch, fashion, woman psychology and vintage stores.

- I don’t wonder about:
If I would answer it would mean that I already did wonder;).

- The silence means to me:
A pause from loud and chaotic surroundings. Silence is indispensable to me.

- When I show my work for the first time to someone I feel:
Excitement and happiness.

- Words I overuse?:
I think my dogs name, because I spend most of the time with him…but when I read back over this questionnaire, it’s also “passion”, I guess…

- In art I don’t like:
Pomposity and pretense.

- My motto is:
Always keep trying and follow your heart…

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